Jens Dinser. Co-trainer of German mens national team

"If video and all the technologies used for teaching the golf swing motion equal the hardware, then the RhythmTrainer is the best available software for using this hardware. It brings results. Even national players with automated swings have improved their scores. I strongly recommend the RhythmTrainer without reserve."



LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Prof. Dr. Ralf Brand, Sport Science Institute at the University of Potsdam

"Our research shows that the RhythmTrainer is an easy and effective tool for our students to learn and stabilise their swing rhythm."





Bernd Klingel, Amateur, Deutschland

"I optimized my rhythm with the help of the RhythmTrainer. My backswing slowed, enabling me to speed up my downswing. As a result, I drive 20 yards further and my handicap dropped from 17,7 to 15,9 in just 4 weeks."




Max Kramer, EPD Tour Winner

" The RhythmusTrainer gives me mental power in difficult Tournament situations. I just count myself down and play. That neglects negative thoughts and increases my selfconidence.“.




Stefan Quirmbach, Masterprofessional PGA of Germany

"Until now one could not really capture and train rhythm and swing tempo. With the sonification of the back- and downswing times it became possible to play learners their optimal rhythms and give them synchronized feedback. The RhythmTrainer gives our students new success experiences and help us become better pros."